No Place I’d Rather Be

Sophomore year of high school seemed so long ago for Mary. At 24 years old she was just moving out of her home state of New York and moving to Northern Florida for work purposes. She was thinking about how many great memories she had of growing up in the Northeast part of the United States. Most of those memories started around the time her grandfather passed away, which happened to be at the time during her sophomore year of high school.

Mary was 15 years old at the start of her sophomore year at Manhasset High School. She had a good group of friends and was on the junior varsity soccer team as the starting center midfielder. When ever Mary got home from practice or a game she would go do her homework than go on MySpace, which was the popular social media website at the time, than shower and go to bed.

Towards the end of October her grandfather started to become very ill and not be able to care for himself like had always had. As time passed into early November so did he which brought the family closer than ever before.  The week of the funeral she started dating this adorable Irish boy name Peter Kelly. They became the couple everyone envied because of how well they connected with each other.

A few days after she started dating Peter, Mary was at home on her computer surfing Myspace. All of a sudden she got a friend request from someone whom she did not know and a inbox message to go with it. She read the message first and it went:

” Hi my name is Anthony and i saw your posting in one of the lacrosse groups and found it interesting. I would like to get to know you since I grew up not far from where you live.”

She accepted his friend request even though his message was a little on the skeptical side. After that she replied to his message by saying:

” Where originally are you from on Long Island? Where do you live now? Why do you want to get to know me? I know I am asking a lot of questions but I do find it kind of strange that you are messaging me and you are a complete stranger to me.”

Anthony answered every question Mary had about him and she answered every question he had for her. Their cyber friendship was becoming stronger and no one knew about it except for them. After a few weeks they began text messaging and phone calls a couple days a week nothing to much especially since both of them were dating other people and they were just trying to get to know each other still.

At the end of the school year Peter had broken Mary’s heart by cheating on her with the girl she thought was her best friend. The only person who seemed to care about how she felt was Anthony who was going through a similar break up. He got her to stop crying every day and was able to put a smile back on her face because he knew how to. Mary had asked him during this time of her being extremely upset: “Why do you want to talk to me everyday to make sure I’m okay?.” He told her “There is not place I’d rather be than to help fix the heart of a beautiful girl that I care about. Especially since she is helping to fix my wounded heart.” When he had said this to her it just made her melt and become happy to have a great friend like him.