LABOR DAY WEEKEND 2014: lake george

This past weekend my awesome boyfriend and I had gone up to Lake George, New York. From where I live on Long Island it was mapped out to be about 4 hours to get up there with normal traffic. We left at 6 am Saturday morning and had gotten there in 3.5 hours and we were there way before check in which was at earliest 1 pm. So we had time to kill and we were starving. Instead of moving the car we decided to walk towards the other motels/inns/hotels to see what there was. After we got to a certain part of the row of motels we realized how close we were to town and decided to see what was there. We saw one cafe that served breakfast but we wanted to see what else was there before we decided on where to eat. After getting distracted by going into a few stores and looking around we found a place to eat breakfast. I don’t remember the name of it but it was a lot of really good food for just 20 bucks. We wound up being full until about 5:30. But after breakfast we walked around town, going in and out of shops seeing what was there and where things were.

We finished exploring town about 12:30 and decided to see if we could check into our room. So we walked back and we were able to, so i finished paying for the hotel and we got our keys. After getting into our room we changed and went into the pool. While we were in the pool we decided to adventure up Prospect Mountain.  Around 1:40 we got dressed and ventured over to the trail. It took us about 2 hours to get about three quarters the way up and it was a very rocky climb up. We wound up turning around at that point because we had no idea that it was going to be that steep of an incline at certain points. Another reason we turned around we were in need of water that we did not think to bring with us.  When we got back to the bottom of Prospect Mountain we went to Price Chopper, which is the supermarket, got two large waters and a Gatorade. We went back to the room hydrated, showered and relaxed a little bit before going back into town for dinner. We ate at Gino and Tony’s restaurant. Peter had the meat lasagna and i had the penne vodka.  It was not the best Italian food but it wasn’t bad either.  They looked delicious but there was something slightly off about the taste of the sauces.  When we were finished we walked around a little bit then went into the Adirondack Winery. For 5 bucks you could taste 7 of their wines and get to keep the wine glass you taste the wine in. We each chose 7 different wines so we would have more options and to see which ones we liked (there was one that tasted like grape jelly). We bought 3 bottles of wine of the ones we liked the best.  Later on that night was fireworks over the lake which was great because I love fireworks and snuggling up next to my boyfriend.

Sunday morning we went to Flapjack Pete’s for breakfast. Peter got pancakes and i got a waffle. It wasn’t as filling as the day before but the waitress was very helpful with where we could buy the beer we had at dinner the night before. Most of the waitstaff at the restaurants in Lake George are relatively older than the waitstaff at most of the places by my house because most of the staff lives locally and it is a very big tourist area.  Since it was kind of a rainy Sunday we decided to drive to the closest place that sold the Adirondack beer which was about 2 miles up the road. It was also the only place that did not card us for alcohol, probably because who buys beer before 11 am on a Sunday. After picking up beer we walked into town to one of the arcades. Only ones who were obnoxiously loud during the knock down the clown game. When we were all out of quarters and traded our tickets in for prizes we went and got Ben and Jerry’s across the street. When we got back to the hotel we went swimming and relaxed because are legs and feet were still hurting from the day before. About 2 o’clock when we were showered and out of the pool we decided to sit outside drink and people watch. There wasn’t much to watch but it was better than watching episodes of NCIS that we have seen already. When we started thinking about dinner we decided to go on yelp to see what had pictures of food up and had good ratings in town. We decided going to Moose Tooth Grill because of the s’more making desert and the fact they made their own root beer. The food was fantastic and so was the service we did not end up getting the s’more desert but the root beer was great. We went and sat down by the lake after dinner. For our first trip together we had a great time and we also discussed how if we go back its gonna be for a longer stay so we could do more.

















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