10 Women Reveal Exactly How They Nudged Their Boyfriends Into Marriage

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1. “One day I realized that my boyfriend was scared shitless of marriage because he thought our sex life would suddenly dry up. Whether he got that impression from movies or friends, I don’t know. It’s a pretty common theme: Marriage leads to never-ending dry spell. So I started subtly reassuring my boyfriend that he and I would never have a stale sex life. I’d say things like, ‘Just because two people are married, doesn’t mean the blowjobs have to stop.’ And I went out of my way to spice it up in bed every now and again. Eventually, it all paid off!”

— Kaitlyn, 30, married two years

beetlejuice2. “Over time, I hammered the message that I don’t believe in expensive engagement rings into my wonderful boyfriend’s thick skull. Once he knew that it wasn’t going to cost him tens of thousands of dollars to propose, he…

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Sticking with it Advice from: Lisa Chernick, Executive Food Editor – Weight Watchers

Sticking with it Advice from: Lisa Chernick, Executive Food Editor

A Closer Look

The devil’s in the details, right? Paying careful attention to what and how much I’m eating is crucial on Plan. So I always consider what I am going to  cook or order, factoring in each ingredient’s PointsPlus value and how it fits into not only the dish, but the day as a whole. Pasta with buttery sauce at a restaurant for lunch? I’ll share that, thanks. But I might order vegetable soup and a salad for myself. Staying mindful helps me stay the course.

Restaurant Rehab

You already know that restaurant food tends to pack on the PointsPlus value, thanks to the rich ingredients and the generous portions. What you might not know is that you can call the shots.

  • If there’s a sautéed chicken dish on the menu that sounds appealing for instance: I ask for it to be grilled or broiled (it tastes every bit as good and it saves me PointsPlus value.)
  • I always ask for a healthy helping of vegetables with any sauces on the side.
  • When the food arrives I decide on a reasonable portion and either share or take home the rest.

Slumber Smarty

  • For me, not getting enough sleep pretty much guarantees I’ll over eat the next day. To get through the fog, I nibble (and there are only so many carrot sticks I’ll eat before moving on to some serious stuff.) Food fools me into thinking it’s giving me the energy I need, when, in truth, a good night sleep is the only solution. So I make sleep (not tv watching or wed surfing) a priority, especially this time of the year. My well rested self has the energy to make good choices, prepare healthy food, and eat well.

My Favorite Power Food

  • I can’t say enough good things about baby spinach (technically just regular flat leaf spinach that’s picked when tender and young). It’s high in vitamin A and K, folate, riboflavin, and much more. For an easy pop of rich green color and mild, slightly sweet flavor, I layer baby spinach on sandwiches, toss a handful into frittata mixtures, and stir some into hot pasta dishes just until the leaves start to wilt.

Main Squeeze

Every spring, I renew my appreciation for the humble lemon. I use it here and there year round, but now I start sprinkling its zest into baked goods and breakfast items like oatmeal and yogurt. And I even squeeze its juices into hummus, sauces, and soups. Why? Because lemons add brightness and punch to everything – it gives familiar foods a fresh spring flavor.

Sticking with it Advice from: Elly Trickett, Director, Program Strategy – Weight Watchers

Sticking with it Advice from:  Elly Trickett, Director, Program Strategy

Role Model

  • I saw a bumper sticker recently: My goal is to be the person my dog thinks I am. However I am feeling, whatever I got going on, Jasper always wants to walk or run with me, and looks at me with such happiness and love while he’s doing it. He keeps me fit and sane.

My Away Game

  • I really need to work on not taking the “all-or-nothing” approach to weightless. Business travel is a huge challenge for me, typically resulting in the “nothing” method. But exercise helps. Making that one commitment to run in the morning, no matter where, sets me up for better habits during the day. (And it’s a great way to explore – her I am in Seattle!)

The Sweet Truth

  • Once, while eating a dry-isn brownie because it would be a shame to waste it, I had a revelation: Why am I protecting it from the garbage can? What’s it ever done for me? Into the trash it went. I’m saving my PointsPlus budget for stuff I love – hot fudge sundae, anyone?

The Spirit of the Season

  • This might sound counterintuitive, but the more time you spend in the kitchen over the holidays, prepping and cooking for gifts and company, the less time you spend mindlessly grazing on holiday food. My little rituals – like making traditional English Christmas pudding with my mom – are more fun than scarfing down a cookie that’s been hanging around for a few days.

Sightseeing on the run

  • WhenI see a new city, the first thing I do is research where to eat (especially ice cream). But on a work trip to Greenville, South Carolina, I got an email from the hotel, warning of traffic due to a race. I didn’t grumble; I signed up! Starting my trip that way helped me see how lovely the place was, so I made walking and biking plans rather than eating plans. I am delighted to report that I didn’t have a single ice cream!

Self Powered

  • The feeling that i have when I’m following the Plan and losing weight is ridiculously potent! I first joined 10 years ago and 50+ pounds ago, so my initial “why” has been lost in the haze. But no matter: I’ve learned that my why now os – in the words of my former leader – “to feel maximum Ellyness.” How do I do that: by keeping that thought close to me with every choice I make, and asking how the choice  will contribute to that feeling. By being true to my best self, I stay true to the Plan.

“I wish my teacher knew…” Teacher shocked by elementary students’ surprisingly honest notes


Denver, CO –  A third grade teacher in Denver decided to ask her students to tell her things that they wished she knew.

Kyle Schwartz told ABC News, “As a new teacher, I struggled to understand the reality of my students’ lives and how to best support them. I just felt like there was something I didn’t know about my students.”

Her lesson plan allowed the children to remain anonymous if they wished, but many wanted to include their names.  Several of the students even decided to share their notes with the rest of the class.

Schwartz admits some of the notes are heartbreaking, but she wanted to share the experience with other teachers.  She started tweeting out the notes with the hashtag #IWishMyTeacherKnew.

Soon she was getting responses from schools all over the world, with honest, powerful messages:

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Women on Twitter Are Throwing Themselves at Masters Winner Jordan Spieth


Jordan Spieth smashed his way to victory to become the second-youngest player to win the Masters at Augusta on Sunday, and his stellar performance has caught the eye of more than a few fans on social media.

Since his big win, the 21-year-old has received declarations of love from admirers on Twitter vying to be his girlfriend.

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Get More from Your Moves! – Weight Watchers

Get More from Your Moves! 

How to make an activity plan that works for you and keeps you going.

Mindfulness isn’t just for eating. Take activity – it’s all too easy to forget about exercise when it’s not  on your schedule (and with that comfy couch beckoning in front of the tv). But when you plan for it, you’re more likely to be consistent, to enjoy it more, and to reap the benefits. And once you make a commitment to a regular routine (we recommend working up to twenty minutes, four times a week), you may fine yourself eager to try new things and push yourself farther. Go for it!

Create an Activity Plan

What: Choose an activity you enjoy (or at least don’t loathe), and that you can do right now, at your current level of fitness. You’ll be extra motivated if it’s something you can ramp up for more of a challenge as you gain strength and stamina.

What I’ll do: 

When: Again, be realistic: How many days will you exercise each week? Then fit in workouts based on your daily schedule and energy level: Maybe you’re an early bird, or like lunchtimes exercise, or prefer it after the kids’ bedtime. Make a calendar appointment so you’ll see it waiting for you!

When I’ll do it:

Where: The park? Your living room? At a gym? Pick a place that inspires you – an one that’s easy to get to and from.

Where I’ll do it:

Who: Are you going it alone, or enlisting a buddy or two? We’re more likely to stick to an exercise routine when we work out with others who share our goals and can give us an extra “push” to get out the door. But even if you like to work out alone, recruit someone to so you stay accountable.

Who will join me?

How: What might stand in your way? Identify any potential obstacles and figure out their fixes: Line up your child care, pack your work out bag in advance, check the gym hours, confirm with your workout buddy….

How I’ll do it:

What exercise can you do for you? It’s not just about burning calories. Exercise can help improve your everyday functioning: concentration, sleep, self-confidence. And exercise can help reduce the risk of many illnesses, from heart disease to certain kinds of cancers. The physical benefits are compelling too: members who exercise regularly tend to weigh less and have stronger muscles, joints, and bones than non-exercisers.

No Going Back!! – Weight Watchers

No Going Back!! 

How to learn from slip-ups and move on. From slip-ups to success – let these members inspire you!

Ice cream happens. Tracking falls away. Sneakers get cobwebs. Slip-ups – both minor and major – are a matter of when, not if. What’s important, say the member’s here, is not letting a misstep derail  your entire journey. See how they learned from a slip-up, and used it as a spring board to success.

Barbara C. from Minneapolis

  • Slip-up: Overdoing a red-light food. “I have a sweet tooth, and once I start, I don’t stop. I went to a tea with my mother; I ate cake and pie – I didn’t even want to!”
  • How I recovered. “I started saying ‘no thank you’ to sweets, and eventually changed how I eat. Now i crave healthier foods.”
  • What I do now. “I cut out foods that make me feel out of control. I can’t say I’m going to have a spoonful of ice cream, because it will turn into a quart.”
  • My advice. “Avoid temptation. When you do, you start feeling better about yourself – and then you want to keep feeling better, so you keep doing it.”

Josh H. from Plainfield, New Jersey

  • Slip-up: Skipping meetings. “When at my at work group ended, I tried a local meeting, but it didn’t click for me. I started losing focus and went into a slump.”
  • How I recovered. “I learned that my old leader had regular meetings near by. I could relate to the members – there were lots of guys. Being able to share struggles with people going through the same thing makes a big difference.”
  • What I do now. “Our private Facebook group has taken accountability to a new level. We post exactly what we eat – even if it’s a burger and fries, or cookies at 2 a.m. It makes me more aware of what I’m putting into my mouth.”
  • My advice. “Find a small support group – people you can talk to and be honest with, who won’t judge you..”

Rhonda H. from Wills Point, Texas

  • Slip-up: Skipping meetings. “I was eating cheese, bread, pasta, and too many of those 2 PointsPlus value snack bars. I was gaining a little each week instead of losing, and I quit. And gained a lot after that.”
  • How I recovered. “I began eating more vegetables and fruit. and more whole foods – a baked potato instead of pasta. I put a before photo of myself on the fridge, and it’s a constant reminder that I don’t want to go back.”
  • What I do now. “Before I go to a party, I have an apple or banana, so I’m not starving and I can make smarter choices. But even if I get off track, I know I can get right back on.”
  • My advice. “Tracking is a must. If you don’t, it’s to easy to eat too much without realizing it.”

For the Love of the Ice

The D’Vito family has always been a very athletic family. It has been that way for generations especially since they have various families making it big as professionals in their sport or as managers of other organizations or of players. William and Martha D’Vito met in college when William was a senior at Villanova and Martha was a sophomore. They were in a business management class together. William played on the school’s hockey team and Martha was on the soccer team. They began dating right after the Christmas break and two years later William proposed right before Martha graduated. Thirty-five years and eight children later they were finally sending their eighth child off to college.

When Brooklyn decided to attend Boston University to run on their cross country and track team, everyone was thrilled except her older brother Chris who played on the school’s hockey team. Brooklyn and Chris were the type of siblings who have always been protective of one another but Chris and Brooklyn were super competitive with each other to the point where people were annoyed. Growing up they were always competing in something but were very close through it all because they were the youngest two out of eight kids. There was at least four and a half years between the second set of twins, Lynn and Peyton, and Chris.


Brooklyn loved playing sports and being a girly girl at the same time. Her favorites sports were soccer and track. When she became a high school All-American her freshman year she knew she had a gift. Not only was she talented in athletic but she was an attractive young lady who not only had the looks but had the smarts as well.  Brooklyn stand at five feet and seven inches tall, built like an Olympic runner, long golden blonde hair with the blue eyes to match. Her personality made everyone want to be around her except her older brother who thought she was arrogant and needed to be taken down off her ego trip.

As the summer dwindled down and it was almost time for Brooklyn to move into school she became nervous yet anxious to be there. This started to make her a little sad though because she didn’t want to leave her friends who have become her family during the summer. But she knew that she would make new ones at school and she knew her brother would be up there if she felt homesick.


Chris, like the rest of his family, was a super star in high school. He was an All-American and was a starter as a sophomore when the school won states in hockey for the first time.  Chris graduated from high school in 2006, which was two years before Brooklyn.  When he went off to college he actually missed having her following him around and coming to his games and going to watch her compete.

Chris never told anyone this because his friends in high school always wanted to get with his sister, which bothered him more than she did. Chris stood as the tallest person on his high school team, six foot five, and second tallest at Boston University. He had mousy brown hair and blue eyes and more recently was thought to be the twin of his little sister by strangers.


Since Chris was renting a house off campus for his junior year and the lease started at the beginning of August right after the family vacation he decided to ask his sister if she wanted to come up with him and help. Brooklyn agreed to help him because she could store some of her stuff there until her move in day, which was a week later. After a long three and a half hour drive from Long Island they finally made it to the house. It looked like they were the first ones to get to the house, so before they took anything major out of the car they took the cleaning supplies and opened the house. This was the one habit both of them pick up from their mother when they go to open any rental or summer home. About an hour later after airing out the house and cleaning all the surfaces they were done cleaning and one of Chris’ roommates and teammates showed up. When they heard the car pull up Chris walked out of the house first to see whom it was. Brooklyn followed a few feet behind him.


Adrian was the first one to show up after Chris did. When he got out of the car and he was a little confused to see not only Chris there but he had no idea who Brooklyn was even though she had been at every game since Chris had started at Boston.

“Hey Chris I thought you weren’t coming up until this afternoon?” He asked with a confused look on his face. “Well I decided to leave earlier mainly because of this annoying girl who my parents claim to be my sister,” Chris points to Brooklyn as she laughs with a little bit of mischief. “Oh I see, but who is she? I’ve never seen her at school before.” With a concerned look on his face Chris says as he walks towards Adrian “she is my little sister, Brooklyn, she a freshman this year. You have seen her before because she has been to almost every single on of our games. Did you smoke something on the way up here or did you not sleep last night because you usually have a better memory than this.” “Oh sorry. I am pretty tired I was up all night and night just to get here before Liam. He said if he got here before me that he was gonna switch our rooms and I did not want that to happen. Obviously you can see I am here so he wouldn’t do that.”  “Chris didn’t you say in the car ride up that Liam was coming up until tomorrow?” Brooklyn says as she sits down on the porch steps. Chris looks down at his phone to scroll through his texts. “Look my sister is right. Liam sent me a message before we left our house.” Adrian looks at the time stamp on the message and says ” so lets get my stuff inside quickly so I can pass out.”

Adrian grew up in a true Military family. Both his parents were Marines but enlisted while in college. His childhood before high school was a lot of moving around. Then they were able to settle down in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Since his up bringing was Military mixed with his grandparents helping instill family values on him, his twin sister Daisy, and their older brother Flynn, Adrian was a very tidy person. Which was one of things his friends loved about him. They all learned how to keep organized and clean especially when Adrian’s parents would do their surprise visits. Adrian was a very good-looking guy who attracted a lot of ladies on campus. He stood six foot five and had the body of Channing Tatum in the movie “Magic Mike.” He had dark wavy hair with crystal blue eyes. Since Adrian was from a military family who moved a lot he knew how to pack neatly, efficiently, and get a ton of stuff into a small area. Adrian drove a 2006 Gunmetal Blue Ford Explorer and if it wasn’t for the large furniture that he brought up from his house that his parents were going to get rid of any way everything would be packed into the back of his car. It took about 45 minutes to unload the three couches, large dining room table, twelve dining room/kitchen chairs,  a 36 inch flat screen television, Adrian’s hockey equipment, and a few small kitchen cleanliness items. All that stuff was just in the trailer that was attached to the back of the explorer.


“Lets unhook the trailer and put it on the side of the garage” Adrian said as he sits down on the steps. “Sure but don’t you wanna get the rest of your stuff inside first? Or do you wanna do that later after you sleep?” Brooklyn asks as she walks outside. AS Chris closes the back of the trailer he says “Brooklyn we’re going to move the trailer while you go inside get a pen and paper to help us make a grocery list. You have a more legible hand writing than the two of us.”  Brooklyn rolls her eyes and walks inside. “Dude your sister is hot but why is she up here.” “My parents both have business trips, one to Hong Kong and the other to France, for the next two weeks and all of our relatives are too busy to take her up here when she is suppose to come up. So since I had no other choice plus she is a really good cook and promised to make us dinner.” “Where she sleeping?” “We made a deal that every other night we switch who would sleep in my bed and on the futon in the basement.” “Oh okay.  Fine by me.” “Hey guys what are we putting on this list?” Brooklyn asks as she walks out the door and on to the porch. The both look up and peer around the garage. “What are you two looking at? And why are you still on the side of the garage? It looks like you’re up to no good.”  They walk back to the porch in silence.  “Put what ever mom usually puts on the list on there. Can you make lasagna tonight or chicken Parmesan?  Please.” “Which one would you prefer to have for dinner Adrian?” “I don’t care but I will go with you guys to the grocery.”



They all piled into Chris’ car and headed off to Star market. For the first couple of minutes it was quiet until Brooklyn opened her mouth:

” Guys, what do you all usually eat for dinner while up here? Breakfast? Lunch? I’m trying to make a list of what kind of food we need to get.”

“Brook you should know what I eat at home is the same as what I eat here.”

“Chris I got up before you did while we were home and either mom made dinner or you ate with your friends while home.”

“Oh yeah well put cereal, milk, oatmeal, orange juice, and pancake mix on there for breakfast.”

“Brooklyn I usually eat eggs or omelets with bacon, sausage and fruit for breakfast.”

“Thank you Adrian. Even though you’re tired you could still answer part of my question without fighting me.”

“No problem. But let me get the cereals and breakfast things. It will be quicker if we divide and conquer. I will come find you guys when I finish with the essential breakfast items.”

“That sounds like a good idea and I will stay with Brooklyn because mom may kill me if anything happens to her.”

Brooklyn started laughing. “Thanks Chris for being So protective even though we are just going food shopping. But since you offered you get to push the cart.”

With the “I set myself up for this” look on his face Chris pulled into a spot for Star Market. They got out and went in. Brooklyn and Chris headed over toward the produce section first to get the vegetables that she figured that the guys needed and liked. She sent Chris to the deli counter to get lunch meats and meatballs that already were made.  After gathering those items they went through the store on a hunt to gather the items that they used at home and collected enough food for the house. During that time Adrian had met back up with them with not only the cereal supplies but the items that they had missed. Check out was a process because people were annoyed with how long they were taking to unload and load the carts.

They loaded up the car and set off back to the house as soon as they finished. By the time they got back and were half way done with unloading the car one of the others pulled up to the house. Brooklyn was in the house putting food away and labeling cabinets when this happened but came out as soon she heard Chris say  “Well look who it is.”


Anthony was from Lake George, New York and was the youngest of three but only boy. His parents owned several of the stores in the main town and a few of the hotels. So he was one of the wealthier families in that area. Anthony stood 6’5″ with light brown hair and light ice blue eyes. He was just as built as Adrian but was more of a pretty boy.  His life in Lake George was more hectic during the summer than during the school year because Lake George was a very touristy during the summer. For Anthony going away to school unlike his older sister was like a vacation and actually had time to be a normal person. He of course loved working and running the motel/hotels his family owned but he started working at the age of 14, which is two years before most people.

Chris and Brooklyn had met Anthony way before Chris started college. This was because they had a house up there and would spend a week or two up they’re every summer until they started working. The house happened to be right next to Anthony’s family residence. Through the times that the D’Vito family had spent in their Lake George home they had developed a great relationship with Gleason family. Brooklyn has had a secret crush on him for years and it seemed to be that he had one on her as well.

“Hey guys, what’s up? Is that Brooklyn?” as he cocks his head slightly to the side and points at her as she approaches the open door. “Yes it’s me you fool. How was the drive?” “It was good. Hit a bit of traffic in Albany but what else is new.” “Brook stop asking questions, lets get the rest of these bags in while Anthony claims his room and so you can start dinner” Chris says with a cranky attitude. She walks down the steps and gets a hug from Anthony. To her he seems like a giant but she never cared.

After getting all the groceries into the house and putting them away Brooklyn starts preparing dinner.  Since her brother wanted lasagna that is what she was gonna make. This not only because he was letting her stay there but if she made two big trays it would last them a couple days for either lunch, dinner, or a late night snack after drinking. While she was slicing the meatballs that her brother got from the deli counter Anthony walked in pulled the stool over next to counter and asked “Is there anything I can help you with? I’m done bringing in my clothes and major furniture. I’d rather help you then bring the rest of the stuff in right now.”  She sliced the last bit of meatball and looked over “I’m good for right now. If you don’t finish bringing in your stuff by the time dinner is ready one you won’t get any dinner and two you’re both gonna want to do it later.” “You’re right about the second one but I don’t think you’ll let me starve.” Brooklyn laughed and started laying the pieces of the lasagna into the pans. “Well I’ll let you finish putting dinner together but hopefully you’re making something sweet for desert.” He winks at her and walks out of the kitchen.

She laughs even more but it’s a little more awkward and her brother notices that she is doing the awkward laugh. “Brooklyn did Anthony do his awkward wink thing again as he was walking out of here?” “Yes and you knew by my awkward laugh didn’t you?” He nods and asks “Want me to make the salad and to cut up apples so you can start the apple pies?” “Wow you’re actually willing to help me? Yes that be grate. Thank You.” “Yes I am willing to help because you not only are making dinner but you help me clean the house today and I know you are tired and cranky like the rest of us right now.” She finishes putting the top layers of cheese on the lasagnas and washes her hands. While she is doing that Chris takes a cutting board and a few knives into the dining room and puts them on the table. When he comes back in to grab the rest of the stuff the lasagna is in the oven and gets a big hug from Brooklyn.

About 30 minutes go by and the salad is finished and the pies have gone into the oven. Anthony has brought all of his stuff into the house. Adrian is getting up from his power nap which gave him enough energy to do what he needs to. “So Anthony how was your summer?” “Well Adrian it was fun even though I did work a lot running two of the hotels I managed to do spartan race and warrior dash at various locations.” “That’s awesome. Wanna come with me to see if dinner is ready?” “No but you probably shouldn’t bother her while she’s cooking. My mother and sister tend to throw things when bothered right before dinner is ready.” “Oh okay. TV?” The door opens and Liam comes in with a case of beer and some of his stuff. He yells out “I’m here ass holes!”


Liam O’neill is from Newport Rhode Island and is the youngest of seven children. The one thing about his family was if they didn’t have family money they would still be one of the wealthiest families in the New England region. Liam’s father was a well-known plastic surgeon and his mother was a lawyer. Most of Liam’s siblings followed in his father’s footsteps in becoming doctors except him and his two sister who happen to be only minutes older than him. Yes Liam is part of a set of triplets and is thankful his sisters are not identical. The three of them are all attending Boston as pre-law majors. They decided to do this because they always did better in school when they studied together. He stands 6’2″ with blond hair and blue eyes. He is known for being the jerk and class clown out of the group. But as he walks further into the house Brooklyn and Chris peer out of the kitchen and glared. “BROOKLYN! What are you doing here? And what’s that awesome smell?” “Does it really matter why she’s here? Put you stuff down and the beer on the table. Brooklyn do you want help setting the table?” Anthony asks. Chris passes a stack of plates to Anthony and utensils to Adrian. Liam put his stuff down and took a beer out for all of them. Brooklyn put the salad, napkins and two hot mats. Chris and Brooklyn both brought out lasagna. “Now guys you can sit and eat one lasagna is meatball and the other one is just cheese. Please eat slow it is hot and I did make pie for later.”

They all sat around the table each taking a scoop of lasagna and some salad. “Who made this fabulous lasagna?” Liam asks as he goes to sip his beer. “I did Liam. How was your drive up?” “This is awesome Brooklyn. Thanks. The drive was quick which is rare I usually hit traffic around Providence.” “Thanks Brooklyn for the great dinner. I need to get the rest of my stuff out my car.” “Adrian what else do you need to get? I thought we got everything.”  Brooklyn grabs the empty plates and brings them into the kitchen. “Adrian what do you have left?”

The rest of them cleared off the empty plates and brought the uneaten food into the kitchen and put the food away. They grabbed their beers and headed towards Adrian’s car. All he had left was his stereo, clothes, and school supplies. Liam goes “let’s get this stuff out of his car and then let’s get the big items out of my truck. I can’t get most of my stuff out tomorrow.” They agreed to it which really meant that Brooklyn just had to sit there and make sure her beer was hidden while watching them horse around while moving furniture.

While the boys were cleaning up after moving the furniture around upstairs Brooklyn took a newspaper laid it out on the porch and dragged her bright pink bean bag chair out on to it. She grabbed a new beer and her ipad and sat down to read while the sun was starting to go down. Brooklyn rarely got moments like this when she and Chris were home because their neighbors were loud and there were always people in the house.

About forty-five minutes into her book Chris comes out quietly with one of his textbooks, a notebook, pens/highlighter in his pocket, his bean chair, and two pieces of cake. He sat down next to her and passed her a piece. “Thank you. i could of gotten it myself.” ” I know but you looked so peaceful out here. Plus I wanted to join you.” “Forensic Psychology? I thought you were a Business and History major.” “I am but minoring in criminal psychology. What are you reading?” “Beautiful Day by Elin Hilderbrand. Thank you for bringing me with you and letting me stay here until I get to move into my dorm.” “I wasn’t gonna let you stay home alone and have no way of getting here. Plus who else is gonna show me or write down detailed descriptions with pictures on how to make some of mom’s food.” Brooklyn started laughing until she snorted.  “When does preseason start?” “In two weeks.” “You know I’m gonna drag them to your first meet and cheer you on.” “Only if I get to use your car to get to your games.” “Deal.” They shook hands and began reading their books.

About 20 minutes later there was a loud thud and the three who were inside the house came running out half naked. Chris and Brooklyn looked up then at each other and started laughing even though they were confused.  Adrian was doing some sort of twist dance on the front lawn. Liam was attempting to climb the tree but was failing miserably. Anthony thought i was wise to crawl around and meow. Chris nudges Brooklyn and says “Do you think they’re drunk or one of them has pot?” “Well I don’t think they could of gone through all of the beer that we put in the garage. Nor do I think they know about the bottles of liquor that I hide in your room in the floor board.” “We didn’t buy liquor at star. Where did you get that?” And why is it in my floor?” “You had bought these bottles months ago and never opened them. So after a few weeks I hid them in my room so you would drink them. I had weird feeling you were gonna want to get liquor while you were up here so might as well save you some money and hide the unopened stuff you already had and bring it.” “But why is it in my floor?” “Oh you have a secret cabinet in your floor and in your closet so that is were i put them. Your safe is also in there. I will show it to you tomorrow.”

Anthony started crawling up the stairs to the porch.  Chris closed his textbook and put it down between him and his sister. Brooklyn turned her iPad off, placed it in her purse, grabbed her brother’s textbook and placed them inside the house. When she came back out Anthony was in her seat.  She gave him the sad puppy face and he says “Either you can cuddle next to me, sit on my lap or get another chair. I am not getting up.”  Brooklyn knew it would drive her brother crazy it she did either of the first two and she didn’t want to get another chair because that was only piece of large furniture that was hers. “Slide over a little bit I’m not sitting on your lap. White shorts and dirty knees don’t mix.” She sat down next to him on her bean bag and picked up her beer. “So where is your beautiful sister sleeping tonight Chris?” Chris gives an annoyed laugh when he says, “Not with you.” “Sounds good to me. I’m gonna go get the box of beer and bring it out.” Anthony gets up slowly and stumbles into the house. Brooklyn takes over her chair again.

“Brook don’t do anything with him. Please. He’s been really weird today and weirder when he’s around you. Until I find out why do me that one favor. I know that you’ve been crushing on him for the past couple of years. It’s been kind of obvious well at least to me. But as long as we have known him I’ve never seen him be this weird.” “Are you taking about how weird Anthony is being today? By the way where did Liam go?” “Yeah we are talking about that and I have no idea about Liam. He was climbing that tree.” “So I’m not the only one who noticed the awkwardness he has around her. He looked like a love struck puppy walking around upstairs before dinner.” Brooklyn scrunches her face a little and says, “I don’t understand why he’s being this way. Did I do something wrong?” “Oh there is Liam. He actually is in the tree. No Brooklyn you’ve done nothing wrong. You’ve been awesome with helping your brother and I with this house before the others got here. Plus the lasagna was amazing. There is something up with him that no one knows.” Anthony walks out of the house with two cases of beer and another beanbag chair. Adrian grabs the cases from him so he won’t fall over. Anthony closes the door and says, “Thanks for grabbing those for me. How is Liam gonna get down from there?” They all look up and Chris shakes his head. “He’ll probably want to sleep up there like he did when we signed the lease.” Brooklyn reaches for the beer and makes a whining sound. They all turn to see where she was reaching when Adrian realizes he had the beer and places one of the cases in front of her.

After opening one of the cases and pulling out a beer Brooklyn whispers to Chris “did we bring the air mattress? I don’t wanna sleep in your room alone.” “We did and we also have that giant bean bag chair that one of us can sleep on. Why you afraid?” Brooklyn feels a nudge on her arm and she looks over and it is Adrian. “Can I share the chair with you? ” “Surely you can.” “Thank you. Chris if you wanna make sure he doesn’t do anything fishy tonight we could all sleep in the living room. ” “That isn’t a bad idea, Brooklyn what do you think?” She shrugs and chugs the rest of her beer. “As long as I sleep between you two then I’m in.” Anthony looks up from his phone as Liam comes up the porch steps and says, “when did you get out of the tree?” Liam laughs, “About a minute ago but I heard something about sleeping in the living room? Is that what the little one wants?” Brooklyn nods her head. “Fine by me. Where is Boston? I thought he’d be here by now.”

The Boston Brothers

Logan Boston was the right wing from Santa Monica who the hockey team called Boston or Mr. Sunshine. He was the youngest of four boys and the only one in his family who did not want to be a doctor. His majors were history and criminal justice in the pre-law program. But his family was one of the hockey loving families in the Santa Monica area. Everyone else played football, basketball, or soccer. Most people confused him for a basketball player because he was six foot seven and had a wing span of seven feet. But since all of his siblings are close in age they all trained together which meant that Logan got to play with guys who were older than him.

Reason why Liam was wondering where Logan was because Logan and his brother Mark were road tripping across the country instead of having the car and their stuff shipped out here. They also left the weekend before so they could make stops in major cities like Chicago and Las Vegas on the way. Mark, Logan’s brother, was in his first year of medical school at Harvard and wanted a little bit of adventure before intense studying. They didn’t have the car shipped this year because the price to ship their car, furniture, and other belongings plus the plane tickets were far more expensive than doing a week long adventure across the country. Mark and Logan were the crazy hyper ones out of their brothers because they were the ones building things and then destroying them.

About ten minutes go by of silence Logan’s car pulls in front of the house. It was almost 10:30 pm and at least a quarter of beer that was brought the house or bought today was gone. Logan and Mark climbed out of their truck and only grabbed the food and beer so it could be refrigerated. “Hey guys and Brooklyn!?! Can ya’ll  grab some of the bag of food and bring it in. Please. Theres a lot.” They all stubble down the stairs and helped. “Man you all started with out us. Not fair,” Mark sighs as he started up the porch steps. Logan and Mark put all the food away into the fridge or cabinets that Brooklyn properly labeled so that everyone would know where it was especially when they were drunk and hungry.

Brooklyn sat on the stool in the living room while the boys went back and forth from the car with bags of food. Both of the Boston brothers walked up to her when she wasn’t paying attention and bear hugged her at the same time. While they were doing this Logan yells, “I can’t believe you’re here little one.” Brooklyn laughed and tried squirming out of the bear hug but failed. “Will you two let me go? You smell like you haven’t showered in a month.” They laughed and released her. Mark opens his mouth and says ”Why are you here so early isn’t move in for freshman in a few weeks?” “Parents are going to be away for the next month and so there wasn’t much of an option.” Brooklyn takes a drink of her beer. Mark drags the other stool next to her, sits down and opens a beer. “They won’t notice I’m not helping because most of them are drunk anyway. By the way why is Anthony acting strange?” Brooklyn laughed and almost snorted beer out her noise. “We actually were discussing that before you two pulled up. None of us seem to know.” Mark shrugs “ Why does it smell like lasagna and apple pie?” Brooklyn side eyes Mark as she sips her beer. When she puts her beer down “That is what i made for dinner and desert. Leftovers are in the fridge. Want some?” She gets off her stool and starts walking towards the kitchen when Mark says “Surely, what type of lasagna?”  He follows her into the kitchen.

Brooklyn opens the fridge door and sees which lasagna has more in it. As Mark passes her, he slightly grabs her behind before reaching for the cabinet with the plates in it. She looks up at him with a huge smile trying not to laugh, “There is a lot of cheese lasagna and veggie lasagna left. Which do you want? And did you just grab my ass?” “I will take the cheese one and I’ll have you for desert.”  She started to blush as she smiled then pulled out the tray with the cheese lasagna in it. Brooklyn took out one of the serving utensils to scoop out a large piece and put it on his plate. “So can I have you for desert or not?” Mark asked. “We will see after you eat and shower.” Mark takes his cold lasagna into the other room where everyone was having a beer chucking contest while Brooklyn cleans the kitchen and comes back out. Logan yells out “Where did you get that I want some.” With that statement Brooklyn turns around and goes back into the kitchen and pulls out the lasagna right before Logan comes barreling into the kitchen.  “Do you want your piece cold or hot? Your brother is eating it cold.” “I will take it cold and please tell me he didn’t hit on you using the desert line?” “Too late for that one,” she says with a laugh. “Ugh, he thinks he can get to you first when he knows I have a crush on you.” Brooklyn holds his plate hostage and say, “Since when have you had a crush on me? And you are not getting this until you tell me.” Logan glares at her then takes a big gulp from his beer. “When you came up for the senior game last year was when I realized that I had a crush on you and that you were very beautiful.”  Brooklyn moved closer to him and gave him his lasagna. “Want to cuddle on the couch when you’re done with that.” She winks and walks out of the kitchen.

In the other room Brooklyn grabs another beer and goes out to the porch to sit on the couch. Chris, Liam and Adrian are building some sort of fort with the empty beer cans. Anthony is pulling the fire pit to middle of the lawn. Mark is filling the fire pit up with logs as Anthony is moving it. Brooklyn sits quietly with her beers in her lap watching the drunken crazies be their weird selves. Logan quietly walks out of the house and sits next to her. She looks at him and says “ What took you so long?” “I put away the food you took out for me, cleaned the counter top, and brought out pie with ice cream because I saw pie in the fridge. Oh! and I made you a sex on the beach because it’s tasty and you’ll like it.” “Thank you Logan.” She finishes her beer before starting on the drink Logan made for her. The others light the fire pit and start playing drinking games that don’t involve much movement. Logan puts down the plate from the pie and puts his arm around her. Brooklyn moves closer to him and takes a sip of her drink. He smelled a lot better than he did earlier. He must of showered. “It’s getting a little cold. I am getting some goose bumps on my legs.” Logan lifted her legs on top of his and started to slowly rub them to warm her up.

After a while the fire died down and Brooklyn stood up and walked down the porch steps toward her brother. Logan walk down behind her  and sat between Adrian and Mark on the lawn. “What were you two doing?” Mark yelled drunkenly. Chris gave him a look and said “They were sitting up on the porch the entire time.” “Chris, I am getting tired. Is it ok that I go to bed in your room?” “I thought we were doing the camp out in the living room?” “I can not wait that long.” Adrian and Liam stood up and started putting out the fire. “Camp out in the living room? Really?” Logan’s face lit up as he said that. “Mark want to help me with the blow up mattresses?” They went in and start to move around loudly. Anthony, Brooklyn and Chris started clean up while the other two were still trying to put out the fire.

After everything was cleaned up and the fire was out. They went inside and found that the Boston Brothers had blown up 4 king sized air mattresses. They also moved the coffee tables and surrounded the mattresses with the couches so no one would fall off the bed on to the floor. Chris tapped his sister on the shoulder and whispers “Brook I’ll go get your pillow and some blankets go lay down.” He races up the stairs and she climbs over one of the couches and lays on one of the mattresses. Adrian walks in to the room after getting a pillow and plops on the couch near her head.  Chris came down passed his sister her pillow and then covered her. He got on the couch next to her and they all passed right out.

A 23-Year-Old’s Diary Entries From Early October, 1974

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Tuesday, October 1, 1974

I feel weary. I didn’t sleep well last night because I was up a lot with these cramps in my legs; maybe they’re the growing pains that were delayed somehow and one of these days, I’ll shoot up and turn into a six-footer.

But I think my weariness stems mostly from living on the edge – on the edge of what, I’m not yet sure. But I seem to spin from crisis to crisis. Today I arrived at Josh’s apartment and said, “I’ve lost my will to live.”

“Nah,” Josh said. “You probably just misplaced it at a Burger King or someplace.”

burger-king-1974-commercial-have-it-your-wayAnyhow, things are not going well; I could use a therapy session about now. But I can’t afford it. The New Depression may not be so wonderful after all. Mom said today that Dad is very worried: his business is collapsing and probably…

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