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Your Meal-Plan Action Plan

What are your steps to menu success? Try these simple steps to menu making success!!

Most of us have a few go to meals in our heads when we need to get dinner on the table fast. But some days are just a scramble (maybe literally: you always have eggs on hand, right?). All in all, not a satisfying situation, and certainly not optimal for losing weight.

You know that meal planning can be a big help in staying on track. But, as your meeting discussion showed, life can get in the way of making this strategy a routine. The thing is, meal planning is more than just deciding what to eat. It’s also putting into place the when, where, who, and what.

So try this activity. Focusing just on the coming week. answer these questions, then fill in the plan below.

“I’ll make my meal plan for the week on ____________________ (date/time) at ____________(place) after checking with ______________(people) and gathering ____________________(tools).”

WHEN is the best time for you to plan? It might be Sunday evening when things are quiet; or on Saturday morning, so you can shop and get a jump on cooking. Once you decide, set aside an hour or however long it’ll take. Tip: Check your calendar and actually add time to cook – whether it’s a make ahead meal, day of cooking, or prep for a slow cooker recipe – so you’ll likely to follow through.

WHERE to plan? It’s not only the physical space – probably your kitchen, but it could be during your daughter’s dance class or in a doctor’s waiting room – it’s also where you’ll record your meal plan: smart phone, a document on your laptop, or a ruled notebook. Tip: Keep a record of your meal plans so you don’t repeat dishes too often.

WHO will you be eating with, and need to check with before making a meal plan? The kids, with their after school activities? Your partner’s schedule? Your own calendar, of course (“oops, I have book club on Tuesday night!”). Tip: Also ask about likes and dislikes, and any requests (“Can we have meatloaf this week?”).

WHAT ingredients and equipment will you need to execute your meals, see what you have on hand, create a shopping list, and check on any special tools. Tip: Gather cookbooks or open your browser to the food and recipes section of to help you create menus.

Put your plan together and you’re more likely to succeed by sticking with your points plus budget , choosing a variety of healthful foods, keeping hunger manageable and so on.


Rediscover Your Kitchen

Rediscover your Kitchen

Cool tools, fresh ingredients, and seasonings can make a delicious difference. A few simple changes can refresh your outlook.

“Oh, it’s Tuesday. Guys that means turkey tacos.” Do the same old meals keep appearing with less than inspiring regularity on your table? Don’t familiarity breed contempt; it’s not hard to bring the magic back to your menu with fresh ingredients and seasonings, cool tools and more. Use the tasty suggestions below, plus the ones you hear in meetings, to get started – and bon appetite!

Check your cupboards. That gift bottle of fancy balsamic vinegar? It’s not just for salads. Drizzle some on fresh strawberries, mix a little into braised pork chops, or deepen the flavor of jarred marinara sauce. The jar of chutney? Spread it on roast meats or on top off a mini bagel spread with fat-free cream cheese. Look in your freezer and fridge, too (just check expiration dates).

Keep your hands off. Put your slow cooker to work for more than stew: Use it for oatmeal (piping hot when you wake up!), baked beans, and BBQ ribs. If you’ve bought rice cooker is only for, you know, rice, think again! It can steam vegetables and simmer up savory soup and stew.

Bring the outdoors in. Dig that George Foreman grill out of the closet! Turn any sandwich into a warm, enticing panini; cook up juicy turkey burgers; grilled vegetables or for a mellow, sweet, and Plan-friendly dessert, grill fruit (try halved, pitted peaches).

Make vegetable “pasta.” Turn carrots, potatoes, zucchini, and squash into spaghetti-like strands with a mandolin slicer or a spiral vegetable cutter like Veggetti (or simply use a vegetable peeler to create ribbons). Then boil or sauté, and top with sauce and a little cheese. It’s a delicious way to cut back on PointsPlus values, and enjoy Weight Watcher Power Foods.

Soup up your spice rack. 

Wrap it up.

Tools at your fingertips.