Spring Clean Your Fridge – weight watchers

Spring Clean Your Fridge 

What to add, change or get rid of.

Make it a healthy living ally with some simple switches. 

Now is the perfect time, when things feel fresh and new outside, to make some changes inside as well. Help your weight loss efforts by making it easier to grab healthful, helpful foods, and make it less easy to reach for the less friendly stuff. Try these strategies for cabinets and freezer as well.


Load up on weight watchers power foods.

  • Shake off fruit boredom. instead of using apples and bananas, think cut up honey dew and cantaloupe, diced mangos and strawberries. Keep a bowl of whole fruit to eat out of hand.
  • Go for low fat and fat free dairy.  Greek yogurt and cottage cheese make great sneaks paired with fresh berries. (Even more power foods!)
  • Make room for ready to eat healthy protein: hard boiled eggs, seasoned cooked chicken strips; low fat cheese sticks.
  • Stock pasta sauce, salsa, hummus and light or not fat sour cream to stir into pasta or soup, spoon into baked potato, or scoop up with fresh vegetables. Just a small amount kicks up flavor.


Rethink your fridge real estate so plan friendly foods are up front.

  • Store cut up vegetables and fresh fruit in clear containers on a mid-level shelf instead of hidden in a crisper drawer.
  • Stash bottles of sparkling water and diet soft drinks on your beverage shelf. Toff a few lemons or limes in your crisper to slice up for flavor.
  • If your kids’ snacks tempt you move them to very low shelves, where the kids can reach them but you’d have to stoop to see.
  • Place less than stellar foods beloved by other family members into opaque containers; move behind healthy items.
  • For special dishes and left overs cut into portions and wrap individually in foil, waiting the points plus value on it with a marker. Put a couple of portions in the fridge and the rest in the freezer.


Get rid of anything you probably won’t or prefer not to eat.

  • Toss expired foods, leftovers more than three days old, and opened bottles of sauces and condiments you haven’t touched in six months.
  • Banish trigger foods, especially any in family size packages. Only buy in single serve packages.
  • Make a clean sweep: wipe down shelves and compartment with a mild, non abrasive cleanser. Place a box of baking soda on the middle shelf to reduce odors.