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Be Your Best Self.

Embrace your possibilities and live your dreams! Discover – and unleash – your inner AWESOME!

“If you can imagine it, you can create it; if you can dream it, you can become it.” – William Arthur Ward

Consider all the things that make up you: your characteristics, habits, beliefs, strengths, responsibilities, relationships, and so on. If those things were separate pieces of  luggages, what would you take with you to the future? What would you leave behind?

We can all imagine idealized versions of ourselves. There’s power in that self creation; it’s the first step to actually owning that identity. When you change how you see yourself, you change your world. Being your best self opens you up to so many possibilities: healthy living, loving relationships, and fulfilling work.When those parts of your life are thriving, positive choices become second nature. As the saying goes, “Happy people make healthier decisions!” Meet your best self, opposite.

Best Self Portrait


My best self is ________________ (positive adjective) and __________ (positive adjective). My best self likes to __________ (healthy action) and ____________ (healthy action). When faced with a challenge, my best self thinks ______________ (encouraging thought) and _________________ (effective action). On a typical day, my best self chooses to eat __________ (healthy food) and __________ (healthy food). In a typical week, my best self gets in a few workouts, including  ____________ (exercise/activity) and _____________ (exercise/activity). My best self takes time out for relaxing, restoring breaks such as ___________ (enjoyable action). Over all, my best self feels _________ (positive emotion) about life. If a new weight watchers member asked for my definition of success, my best self would say  “____________”(positive motto).


Sticking with it Advice from: Lisa Chernick, Executive Food Editor – Weight Watchers

Sticking with it Advice from: Lisa Chernick, Executive Food Editor

A Closer Look

The devil’s in the details, right? Paying careful attention to what and how much I’m eating is crucial on Plan. So I always consider what I am going to  cook or order, factoring in each ingredient’s PointsPlus value and how it fits into not only the dish, but the day as a whole. Pasta with buttery sauce at a restaurant for lunch? I’ll share that, thanks. But I might order vegetable soup and a salad for myself. Staying mindful helps me stay the course.

Restaurant Rehab

You already know that restaurant food tends to pack on the PointsPlus value, thanks to the rich ingredients and the generous portions. What you might not know is that you can call the shots.

  • If there’s a sautéed chicken dish on the menu that sounds appealing for instance: I ask for it to be grilled or broiled (it tastes every bit as good and it saves me PointsPlus value.)
  • I always ask for a healthy helping of vegetables with any sauces on the side.
  • When the food arrives I decide on a reasonable portion and either share or take home the rest.

Slumber Smarty

  • For me, not getting enough sleep pretty much guarantees I’ll over eat the next day. To get through the fog, I nibble (and there are only so many carrot sticks I’ll eat before moving on to some serious stuff.) Food fools me into thinking it’s giving me the energy I need, when, in truth, a good night sleep is the only solution. So I make sleep (not tv watching or wed surfing) a priority, especially this time of the year. My well rested self has the energy to make good choices, prepare healthy food, and eat well.

My Favorite Power Food

  • I can’t say enough good things about baby spinach (technically just regular flat leaf spinach that’s picked when tender and young). It’s high in vitamin A and K, folate, riboflavin, and much more. For an easy pop of rich green color and mild, slightly sweet flavor, I layer baby spinach on sandwiches, toss a handful into frittata mixtures, and stir some into hot pasta dishes just until the leaves start to wilt.

Main Squeeze

Every spring, I renew my appreciation for the humble lemon. I use it here and there year round, but now I start sprinkling its zest into baked goods and breakfast items like oatmeal and yogurt. And I even squeeze its juices into hummus, sauces, and soups. Why? Because lemons add brightness and punch to everything – it gives familiar foods a fresh spring flavor.

Sticking with it Advice from: Elly Trickett, Director, Program Strategy – Weight Watchers

Sticking with it Advice from:  Elly Trickett, Director, Program Strategy

Role Model

  • I saw a bumper sticker recently: My goal is to be the person my dog thinks I am. However I am feeling, whatever I got going on, Jasper always wants to walk or run with me, and looks at me with such happiness and love while he’s doing it. He keeps me fit and sane.

My Away Game

  • I really need to work on not taking the “all-or-nothing” approach to weightless. Business travel is a huge challenge for me, typically resulting in the “nothing” method. But exercise helps. Making that one commitment to run in the morning, no matter where, sets me up for better habits during the day. (And it’s a great way to explore – her I am in Seattle!)

The Sweet Truth

  • Once, while eating a dry-isn brownie because it would be a shame to waste it, I had a revelation: Why am I protecting it from the garbage can? What’s it ever done for me? Into the trash it went. I’m saving my PointsPlus budget for stuff I love – hot fudge sundae, anyone?

The Spirit of the Season

  • This might sound counterintuitive, but the more time you spend in the kitchen over the holidays, prepping and cooking for gifts and company, the less time you spend mindlessly grazing on holiday food. My little rituals – like making traditional English Christmas pudding with my mom – are more fun than scarfing down a cookie that’s been hanging around for a few days.

Sightseeing on the run

  • WhenI see a new city, the first thing I do is research where to eat (especially ice cream). But on a work trip to Greenville, South Carolina, I got an email from the hotel, warning of traffic due to a race. I didn’t grumble; I signed up! Starting my trip that way helped me see how lovely the place was, so I made walking and biking plans rather than eating plans. I am delighted to report that I didn’t have a single ice cream!

Self Powered

  • The feeling that i have when I’m following the Plan and losing weight is ridiculously potent! I first joined 10 years ago and 50+ pounds ago, so my initial “why” has been lost in the haze. But no matter: I’ve learned that my why now os – in the words of my former leader – “to feel maximum Ellyness.” How do I do that: by keeping that thought close to me with every choice I make, and asking how the choice  will contribute to that feeling. By being true to my best self, I stay true to the Plan.

Sticking With It Advice from: Jamie Gerardi – Weight Watchers

Sticking With It Advice from: Jamie Gerardi, Senior Editor

Play Ball!

  • It’s hard being a New York Jets Fan these days. But Super Bowl Sunday still remains sacred on my calendar. Here’s how I intend to enjoy 2015, show down while stay on Plan:
  • Watch the game standing up. It’s a party, so it’s easy to migrate from spot to spot chatting with people. Plus, I am not on top of the chip bowl too long.
  • Contribute to the grub. My pigskin-friendly go-tos are Hearty turkey chili and zucchini fries.

The Main Event

  • I prefer a big lunch to a big dinner. A good midday meal seems to help me power through the day. But to make sure I don’t overdo my PointPlus budget, here are a couple tricks I use:
    • I try not to eat at my desk. It’s way to easy to get caught up in work tasks and start mindlessly noshing. Plus, since I am a lunch guy, I like to savor and appreciated it.
    • I use the “reverse leftovers” strategy. Many of my coworkers eat dinner leftovers for lunch the next day. I am the opposite. If my midday appetite lands me too big a sandwich, I bring half home, to be paired with a soup or salad for dinner.

Rapid Recovery

Even though I know the Plan well ( and think I’m pretty good at sticking to it), there are weeks when I gain. Here is how I rebound:

  • I pinpoint the reasons. If I know why the gain happened (oh, that week – long birthday celebration? Yeah, that’s probably it), I’m better able to prevent the next laps – and budget for the next extravagant event.
  • I strategize for the next week. Rather than wallowing in bummed-out-ness, I plan meals, workouts, and so on for the week ahead. So the next time I weigh in. The scale will confirm I’m back on track. It helps to take the initiative; it also works.

A Fresh Look

The right perspective can turn slip-ups into learning experiences. Take these recent experiences:

  • My exercise routine had been dormant for a while. Rather than beating myself up, I though “Maybe I’m just bored.” I was right. I changed my running route and added come challenging strength training. Before I knew it, I was back on a regular schedule.
  • I was embarrassed at how much fast food I saw in my Tracker. But then I thought “Hmm… maybe I just like burgers!” So I bought some ground turkey and spicy veggie patties. The next week, my tracker was in much better shape.

Sticking With It Advice from: Leslie Fink, MS,RD. – Weight Watchers

Sticking With It Advice from: Leslie Fink, MS, RD. Recipe Editor

All in the Timing

  • If I go too long between meals, I start dreaming of potato chips and brownies.
  • So I try to eat: breakfast by 7:30 am, snack by 10:30 am, lunch by 1 pm, snack by 4 pm, and dinner by 7 pm.
  • I’ve found that eating every three hours squashes my cravings and helps me make smarter food choices.
  • I’ve found that eating every three hours squashes my cravings and helps me make smarter food choices.

Evasive Maneuvers

  • To deal with food pushers, I change the subject. They talk about themselves and forget to urge their pie!
  • Try saying (they work every time):
    • “Where was your last vacation? Tell me about it!”
    • “Love your shoes! Where did you find them?”
    • “Hows your adorable nephew? Can I see some pictures?”

Game On!

  • My friend wears a red bra on gloomy days to brighten her mood. I need a more positive attitude on the tennis court so I adopted her approach and got some colorful new gear. Looking down at my bright sneakers really get me in the groove. (And you should see the crazy shirts I got, too!)

Not just the Pounds…

  • Here’s what I’ve lost since I made healthy eating a priority:
    • My double chin.
    • The roll of fat hanging over my waistband.
    • That groggy feeling after a night of too much sugar.

First Things First! 

  • I schedule lap swimming and cardio tennis sessions in my calendar a full month in advance. This way I have no excuse to skip a workout. Any appointments I need to make, or errands I need to run , can be scheduled around my excretes. (I’m old school: A nice big paper calendar helps me plan, and see, my month more easily.)