Cynthia’s Wedding

November 6, 2015

Within the next year I will be attending 3 weddings. Gratefully I am only in one of them and it is the last one. The other day I was researching something for my friend who is getting married in September and noticed that she has no idea how much planning actually goes into planning one of these. Last week one of my other friends, who is also in the wedding party, and I had to drag her into David’s Bridal after dinner. (lucky enough the David’s Bridal was right next to where we had dinner literally.) The fact it got her going on starting to look at wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. She made an appointment for herself as well that day to try on dresses.

November 9, 2015

Yesterday Cynthia, the September bride-to-be, started trying on dresses at her second David’s bridal appointment. She tried on 6 dresses. I only was able to stay for the first 5 because of a family member’s birthday dinner. Dress 1 was gorgeous on her fit her very well but the only thing she truly did not like was that it was on the higher end of her budget. Dress 2 was almost as beautiful but the trim that went down the back was a little unappealing. Dress 3 had this beautiful upper sequin pattern that was not to over bearing. Dress 4 the lace overlay on top was fine but the tulle overlay on bottom was awful. Dress 5 was a beautiful simple dress with a short train that you could add a colorful accent belt too which was an idea Cynthia loved. Dress 6, I was not there for, I was told by Crystal, who is one of the other bridesmaids, that it was a mermaid style wedding dress, it apparently looked awful to begin with and none of the bridesmaids liked it.  Most of us loved dress 1 and dress 5.

January 8, 2016

Cynthia FINALLY bought a dress. It is a simple dress with a little bit of glitz and just perfect for her. Fit her perfectly and it was on sale for 99 dollars originally between 300 and 600. Thanks David’s Bridal. (Photos will be attached after the wedding in September.)

February 21,2016

On Facebook today Cynthia created an event just for the bridesmaids. I had known she wanted to do this but she barely goes on Facebook so i forgot about naturally. But this is good she told the other bridesmaids what the two styles of dresses she wants us to wear and the color of dress. And it is a great way for us to communicate ideas and ask questions etc.  We all should be helping her do things not just Jen and myself. Hopefully she did what she told me she was doing this weekend and narrowing down her dj list and researching them to book one because she is running out of time to book one for her wedding.

February 27, 2016

I purchased my bridesmaid dress now lets hope Cynthia does not change the color of the dress again because I can not exchange for a different color. Now time to plan a bridal shower and make sure the others buy their dresses before this sale is over.

March 13, 2016

So I was on my cousin’s Knot website when my boyfriend asked me to go to Cynthia and John’s to see what they have done because I told him she added a small story to it. Guess what she started her registry. Shocking to me because she sometimes needs to be pushed severely to do something and I have not bothered her recently to do one. I knew she registered to create one but she didn’t have anything on it yet. When I looked today she actually put things on there that she and John need and a few things she wants. So proud of her.

May 23, 2016

So Cynthia has not finished her website but did order her veil. I sent out the invitations for her bridal shower this morning so people have more time to rsvp.