Ghosts of Long Island By Kerriann Flanagan Brosky

While in the library the other day I came across a section of witches, witchcraft, covens, ghosts, and all sorts of things, This book was in this section. It’s a book of paranormal stories from Long Island, New York. It has meanings of different types of ghosts and paranormal references.

The Ghost of Stony Brook’s Country House. The Country House is a restaurant in the town of Stony Brook. The main ghost who haunts this place is called Annette Williamson.  This restaurant is located on 25A and Main Street in the Historic section of Stony Brook. The building was originally build as a farmhouse for a family in the early 1700’s. It actually was operated as a farm until 1900 then as a residence and finally as a restaurant.  It became a restaurant between 1960 and 1970.  There is a cemetery on the property in the back woods. Annette Williamson is one of the people is laid to rest there. As the story goes on Annette Williamson’s family were the original owners of the Country House and Annette was murdered in the house during the revolutionary war when she was accused of being anti-British. She was the only person in her family in the house at the time. The current owner Bob Willemstyn has had several occurrences where he has seen her or has been in here presence.

The Ghost of Cedarmere. Cedarmere was the country home of William Cullen Bryant and is located in Roslyn Harbor. Bryant named it Cedarmere because of the cedar trees and these trees circled a pond, also known as a “mere,” on the property.  The original part of the house was constructed in 1787 by a Quaker farmer namedRichard Kirk.  William Cullen Bryant extend the property and used many of the homes on the property. He lived there until he died in 1878 and left the Cedarmere estate to his daughter. Julia had sold it to her nephew, Harold Godwin, in 1891. There was a fire in the servants wing in 1902 that burnt most of the house down. Godwin used a similar floor plan to rebuilt Cedarmere and lived there until passed in1931. According to the will of William Cullen Bryant’s great-granddaughter the remaining 7 acres of the estate were to be preserved by Nassau county in his memory. After years of vacancy repairs to the property were started in 1994 and the house was open to the public. The care taker who manages Cedarmere, Harrison Hunt, who is an expert on the property tells of how a worker saw a ghost of a Native American walking through the property at dusk. There were other sightings of different ghosts on the property like the victorian woman in the mill house. No one seemed to know whom these ghosts were.

***This place is actually a beautiful place to visit during the spring and at sunset. I don’t live that far from it.***

The Fire Island Lighthouse. The original lighthouse was built in 1827 and 30 years later it was replaced by a taller version of it.  This section tells how  some people hear or see a ghost hanging in the light house. Some hear music, foot steps, or moaning. Apparently some windows don’t stay shut. Some say the lighthouse is haunted by the keeper who had to cremate his daughter, whom had died from a worsened lung condition, in the fire place.

A Fun House For Ghosts. The owner of a grand Victorian in Patchogue, Long Island has experienced several different positive ghostly encounters since him and his family moved in back in 2003

The Lady of the Lake. A native american princess supposedly haunts the lake because the man she was suppose to marry was killed by a white faced settler. Apparently she committed suicide in Lake Ronkonkoma.

The Wickham Murders of 1854. The Wickham family is a family who has lived in Cutchogue for generations. The pages tell on how two member of the Wickham family, James and Frances, and one of the black servants whom had been 15 years old were murdered by a former employee of the farm. The employee was  Nicholas Beham “Bain” was terminated a few day prior to him murdering these people for being a disturbance on the farm. Bain was found in the woods several days after the funeral, hung behind the jail in Riverhead, and is buried in an unmarked grave. Since then there has been unexplained occurrences in the room of the murder.

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