Body Gratitude – Weight Watchers

Body Gratitude.

Get Ready to celebrate what it does for you!

Have you thanked your shoulders today? How about your feet? Every day your body works pretty hard: carrying bags, cooking dinner, walking the dog. But if you’re not happy with how it looks, you zero in on the negative.

That kind of body attitude can backfire: You feel bad, you eat to feel better, you feel bad …. Ironic right? You’d think a poor body image would spur you to positive actions, but it’s body gratitude that does the trick; you’re more likely to eat better, exercise more – and lose weight.

Let’s see how this works, for good and bad.

  • You see a tone runner jog by.
  • You think “I’ll never look like that” … or “My arms are getting toned, too!”
  • You feel hopeless or inspired.
  • You act by watching tv or by doing a few extra push ups.

Fill out the following on the negative path. Then start again, and take the positive path.



YOU FEEL                                                                                                      YOU FEEL

(negative feeling)                                                                              (positive feeling)

YOU DO/DON’T                                                                                    YOU DO/DON’T

(negative action)                                                                                 (positive action)


My Success Story: It’s your goal! – Weight Watchers

My Success Story: It’s your goal!

Why (and how) to set your own weight-loss target.

You’ve got the power! How much weight do you want to lose this month? This year? Ultimately? Name your weight goal and we’ll help you get there. Setting your own weight goal can be more motivating than having one set for you. And breaking a goal down into smaller, short-term milestones makes it feel even more doable.

If you have an overall weight goal in mind, great! Write it down in your success story. But even if you don’t, think about smaller goals you can reach along the way. At the end of 16 weeks, you can look back and see how they added up. Short-term goals also allow flexibility (lots of upcoming social events, for instance, might mean you choose to maintain for the month),

What is my goal?

Not sure where to start? These prompts can help you choose the right goal for right now. Take a few minutes to answer the questions with your thoughts.

  • Do you eat out or socialize often?
  • Is your schedule regular or unpredictable?
  • Are you able to balance work, family, and other obligations with free time?
  • What part does exercise play in your life?
  • Do you plan to follow your plan scrupulously, or are you happier relaxing in now and again?
  • Have you lived at a “happy weight” where you felt comfortable, balanced, and well, happy?

Your responses can guide you to a realistic goal

If you’re feeling super-motivated and you don’t eat out often, for example, you might set a more ambitious goal. If your schedule’s erratic and you want more flexibility as you follow the Plan, aim a bit lower. Remember, whatever your goal, you can always change it!