Holiday Reality Check – weight watchers

Holiday Reality Check 

We have a game plan for feasts, toasts, and treats.

(Hint: Be Flexible.)

A little shift in perspective can keep you on track to your goal.

If your weight loss efforts take a back seat during this time of year, you’re not alone. We’ve all been there and it’s OK. In fact, accepting that there will be slips along the way you can be wiser move than an all or nothing approach. Be realistic, plan ahead, and you won’t ¬†have much ground to make up after the holidays.

Time – box it. The holiday season lasts a few weeks, but you may have only a few “red flag” days during that span of time. (By the way, the season ends January 2. This year, stick to that date!) Tip: Mark “red flag” days on your calendar and plan for them. Other days, stick with your standbys.

Choose your path. Do you want to lose, maintain, or even allow a small gain? For been there ate that advice, check out “Have a Holiday Game Plan” on weight Tip: Whatever your plan, try to track daily and weigh in weekly.

Keep Moving. Even if you can’t get to the gym this week, aim to stay active. Stand as you talk on the phone. Haul groceries to the car yourself. At a party, volunteer to pour drinks, take coats, and so on. Tip: No time to exercise? Get one minute moves with our new app: Fitbreak by Weight Watchers.

Plan Ahead. If you’re invited to a holiday feast at someone’s house, ask for a sneak peek of the menu so you can pre-track. Find a time in your calendar to slot in a quick run. Being prepared – not just for Boy Scouts! – keeps your head in the game. Tip: Offer to bring a dish (low in Smart Points values) to parties.

Celebrate Small Wins. Walked for 10 minutes this morning? YAY! Opted for one beer, then club soda, at last night’s party? Kudos! Every step carries you in the right direction. Tip: GO easy on yourself when things don’t go as planned. Get up, dust yourself off, and get right back on track.

Take Mini Breaks. A full massage might not happen, but a back rub (ask your honey!) could fit in. Take time to stretch, light some candles, or listen to music that makes you happy. Feeling good and stress-free is another healthy choice you should make this season. Tip: If you schedule is super packed, ditch high effort, low reward events if you can, or at least bail out early.