Party Smart! – WW weekly 6/26-7/2/2016

Party Smart!

Enjoy the food, have a drink, kick up your heels – on plan

WeightWatchers weekly 6/26-7/2/2016

What does it mean to part to party smart? As your summer weekends (and weeknights) fill up with social events, the idea of tracking and maintaining healthy routines can seem overwhelming. But you can strike a livable balance between sticking to your plan and overdoing it. In fact, the more consistent your eating patterns over the course of the week, the more likely you are to succeed at keeping weight off in the long run. Lifestyle tricks can go a long way – like eating a little something before you leave the house, wearing fitted clothes, and carrying a bottle of water or seltzer at parties ( so you are less likely to mindlessly pick at the food). Keyword: Planning.

How does it help? Planning can help you make wiser decisions – like when to use Weekly SmartPoints value (at your foodie friend’s cookout, say) and when to stick to low smart points  foods and focus on socializing instead. Select daily activity beforehand and you won’t feel as stressed or derailed by weekend of back to back parties. Plus, you can schedule events that revolve around activity, such as a group hike, a beach volleyball tournament, or family relay races.


D: Drinks. Want to enjoy one – or two? Figure out what you’ll drink, and what trade offs can accommodate it, such as using your weekly smart points. (check out weight

A: Activity. Give yourself a pat on the back for any social occasion that also involves physical activity. It’s a win-win. If an event isn’t activity centric add movement by walking around helping the host pr playing with the kids, if possible.

F: Food. Reserving your Weekly Smart Points for an event helps you plan meals for the rest of the week. At the party, wait until all the food is served before choosing. Then  you won’t fill up on one dish, only to see a favorite is coming out next.

S: Social. With some friends and family, you can have a blast just talking and laughing in an empty room, When you aim social, the food and drink are mostly for fuel. Stake out a spot away from the buffet, and hold court with good conversation.


Jot down the fun stuff you’ve lined up for this month, then use the key code to mark what you’re most looking forward to at each event: delicious cocktails, a catch-up with old work pals, and so on. Planning helps you manage food and drink, depending on your “party priorities.”


Your Meal-Plan Action Plan – Weight Watchers

Your Meal-Plan Action Plan

What are your steps to menu success? Try these simple steps to menu making success!!

Most of us have a few go to meals in our heads when we need to get dinner on the table fast. But some days are just a scramble (maybe literally: you always have eggs on hand, right?). All in all, not a satisfying situation, and certainly not optimal for losing weight.

You know that meal planning can be a big help in staying on track. But, as your meeting discussion showed, life can get in the way of making this strategy a routine. The thing is, meal planning is more than just deciding what to eat. It’s also putting into place the when, where, who, and what.

So try this activity. Focusing just on the coming week. answer these questions, then fill in the plan below.

“I’ll make my meal plan for the week on ____________________ (date/time) at ____________(place) after checking with ______________(people) and gathering ____________________(tools).”

WHEN is the best time for you to plan? It might be Sunday evening when things are quiet; or on Saturday morning, so you can shop and get a jump on cooking. Once you decide, set aside an hour or however long it’ll take. Tip: Check your calendar and actually add time to cook – whether it’s a make ahead meal, day of cooking, or prep for a slow cooker recipe – so you’ll likely to follow through.

WHERE to plan? It’s not only the physical space – probably your kitchen, but it could be during your daughter’s dance class or in a doctor’s waiting room – it’s also where you’ll record your meal plan: smart phone, a document on your laptop, or a ruled notebook. Tip: Keep a record of your meal plans so you don’t repeat dishes too often.

WHO will you be eating with, and need to check with before making a meal plan? The kids, with their after school activities? Your partner’s schedule? Your own calendar, of course (“oops, I have book club on Tuesday night!”). Tip: Also ask about likes and dislikes, and any requests (“Can we have meatloaf this week?”).

WHAT ingredients and equipment will you need to execute your meals, see what you have on hand, create a shopping list, and check on any special tools. Tip: Gather cookbooks or open your browser to the food and recipes section of to help you create menus.

Put your plan together and you’re more likely to succeed by sticking with your points plus budget , choosing a variety of healthful foods, keeping hunger manageable and so on.