Who’s Got Your Back – Weight Watchers

Who’s Got Your Back?

How to get the support you need, when you need it.

How to find – and get – the support you need.

No man or woman is an island – the power of your meeting is testimony to that. Think about how you feel after hearing a great insight from a fellow member, or when you get a pep talk from your leader. As you lose weight, maintain a weight loss, and live a healthier life, that support is priceless.

You can also get it from your family – partner, kids, parents, siblings – and friends. For encouragement, information – or a kick in the pants – also consider less obvious sources: coworkers, the message boards and community on weight watchers.com, instructors at your gym, 24/7 chat on weightwatchers.com (etools subscribers only), the weight watchers Facebook page.

Your Support Network

To pinpoint the best source of support to get you through a tough spot, this exercise can help. Write a weight-loss challenges in the column on the left. Write what you need to overcome that challenge in the middle. Finally, who or what can help you? Write that support source in the column on the right. Now you have a line up you can approach any time you’re struggling with a particular issue!

  • Challenges: Write the areas and issues you find challenging: snacking at work, exercise excuses, overrating at family events,  etc. Be specific and detailed (this is for your eyes only!).
  • Solutions:  For each challenge, devise a fix (“Move the candy bowl off the file cabinet.” “Be accountable to someone for daily workout.” “Avoid food pushers.”)
  • Support Network: Write who (or what) can deliver each solution.

“Can You Help?”

Most people are happy, even eager, to help – but you have to ask! once you’ve identified your potential supporters, think about whether you want them toots doing something or to start doing something. It might even be a little tricky. Then ask: keep your voice neutral, focus on your needs, and be specific. Finally, remember to thank your supporter!